1995 Essay (written) questions 1-3

Q 1.

(a) There are 20 students in a hostel, 16 of them are fluent in French and 10 of them are fluent in English. Each student is fluent in at least one of the two languages.

(i) Illustrate this information on a Venn diagram.

(ii) How many students are fluent in both English and French?

(b) The sum of the ages of two brothers Kofi and Kweku is 35. Kofi's age is two-thirds Kweku's age. Find their ages.

Q 2.

(a) Using a ruler and a pair of compasses only,

(i) Construct a triangle ABC such that |AB| = 9 cm, angle BAC = 60° and angle ABC = 45°.

(ii) Construct a line from the point C perpendicular to AB and let it meet AB at P. Measure |CP| and |AP|.

(b) What is the value of angle ACP?

Q 3.

(a) Mansah earns a salary of ¢10,000.00 per month as a sales girl. In addition to the salary, she is given a commission of 1.5% of whatever sales she makes in a month. In January this year, she made sales of ¢7,500,000.00. What is the total amount Mansah earned at the end of January?

(b) The diagram below shows a circle, centre O and radius 14 cm.

Waec BECE maths exam 1995, paper 2 question 3b

The shaded region AOB is a sector with angle AOB = 72°. Find

(i) the length of the minor arc AB.
(ii) the area of the shaded sector AOB. Take