1994 Essay (written) questions 4 & 5

Q 4.

Using a scale of 2 cm to 1 unit on both axes, draw two perpendicular lines Ox and Oy on a graph sheet, mark the x-axis from −5 to 5, and y-axis −6 to 6. Mark the origin.

Draw on the same graph indicating in each case the coordinates of all vertices:

(i) The square ABCD where A(1, 2), B(4, 2), C(4, 5) and D(1, 5)

(ii) Using the y-axis as a mirror line draw the image A1 B1 C1 D1 of square ABCD, where A → A1, B → B1, C → C1, and D → D1.

(iii) Draw the enlargement A2 B2 C2 D2 of the square with scale factor −1 from O, such that A → A2, B → B2, C → C2, and D → D2,

(iv) What single transformation maps A2 B2 C2 D2 onto A1 B1 C1 D1 ?

Q 5.

The following shows the distribution of sales of soft drinks sold by Jatokrom JHS canteen in one week.

Soft drink No. of bottles sold
Fanta 13
Pepsi Cola 21
Mirinda 14
Coca Cola 17
Sprite 7

Draw a pie chart to illustrate the sales.